shanghai | SLURP! | 云南小市

SLURP! | 云南小市
Address: 1000 Changping Road, Jing’an District (near Yanping Rd.) |静安区 昌平路1000号(近延平路)
Telephone: 130-5258-0195
Hours: Daily 11:30 – 22:30
Price: 35 – 50 RMB/person
Cuisine: Chinese – Yunnan
Rating: 2/5


Sadly, not slurp worthy.

There are a handful of Yunnan restaurants in Shanghai, but not many that feature Yunnan rice noodles, ‘mixian’. Slurp is nestled in North Jing’an opened over a year ago and have some great reviews, so I thought I was overdue to try it.


The bright sign and red painted exterior didn’t match the slightly rundown interior. The photos of a trendy bright space I had seen in reviews had turned a little drab and cold. Literally, the heater seemed to be broken because we wore our big down jackets during the meal.


This spot offers a decent array of Yunnan rice noodles, along with a variety of side dishes. The presentation of dishes in metal pots and clay plates definitely give an authentic feel. At a glance the menu looks promising, so much so that we had to narrow down our selection. Dishes look full of flavor with ingredients such as sweet soy, leeks, carrots, minced pork, chili, preserved veggies (if you like pickled things) and more. Unfortunately, they look better on paper.


Rice Noodles in Slow Cooked Herbal Chicken Soup (慢炖鸡汤线) | 36 RMB

For this dish we opted for the ‘Er Si’, sticky rice noodle, which is very similar to udon noodles. They are thicker, chewier noodles that have a better texture than their standard mixian noodles. The broth is hearty with good chicken flavor but unfortunately, not something I’d crave enough to go back for. Recommended (if you go).



Traditional Kunming Rice Noodle Soup (传统线) | 35 RMB

This signature dish is underwhelming. The vinegary and slightly spicy broth lacks depth and the noodles are very slippery therefore the flavor from the broth and other ingredients don’t adhere. I opted for the preserved veggies (suan cai) on the side (since I hate pickles), but I was told that even with it added in the soup the overall taste was bland. Not recommended.



Kunming Style Fried Rice Noodles (昆明炒米线) | 36 RMB

For some reason these rice noodles are cut (or broken) into very short pieces. The flavors of sweet soy and veggies aren’t very strong and don’t stick onto the slippery noodles. Even when eaten together wasn’t fully satisfying. A sad day for rice noodles. Not recommended.



Yunnan Street Fries (小市炸洋芋) | 15 RMB

While the noodles don’t shine, this side dish sure does. Not your typical fries, these potatoes are cut into chunks and are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It has a nice spice from chili and cilantro, flavors I love. Debating whether I’d g back just for potatoes. Recommended.



Pan Fried Goat Cheese with Rose Jam / Pepper Salt (香煎乳) | 25 RMB

This is an interesting dish. The slices of goat cheese have a nice sear but the inside is a bit dry. Not sure if it was fried for too long? But the rose jam has a very sweet and floral taste, which actually compliments the cheese very well. Took me a little while to figure out if I liked it but I kept going back for another bite. Recommended.



I always hope that a poor dining experience is a one-off case. The good reviews of Slurp are from it’s opening days and seems the quality is not the same. If you love Yunnan food you should try this spot at least once. Hopefully your experience will be better than mine.


Bliss Tips:

  • The menu has a lot of other dishes that could be better, but the noodles itself were not satisfying
  • I would recommend the ‘Er Si’ sticky rice noodles as they have a better bite and texture
  • FYI the service is not great, so be patient and place your order all together


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